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2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Update - Wow - Where do your years go?  I know mine are busy.  Changed the Music back to the Three Tenors - Love those guys!  2016 has been a pretty good year for the Pizzelleman - Finished the Ph.D. last year and celebrated with my wonderful available Family and Friends this summer.  2017 - The Usual Gallop!!!  Life was supposed to get back to normal after the Dissertation was completed and Dr. Pizzelleman Graduated, but last year was a Record Year of Activity for my work group and this year looks to tie or exceed the previous record that was just broken, meaning work has been very, very Busy. 

  Gary's Graduation

The Pizzelleman & Dr. G, Ph.D.

We are now well into 2016 2017 as I was pretty busy after Cookie Season and my Annual Relaxation after another Epic Year of Cookie Production (Same Story, Every Year).  My Family's Iron was made in 1920 and is now 97 Years Old and the 100 Year Anniversary Approaches!  I will consider myself fortunate to be making Pizzelle on it each year as always, but am really looking to 100 years of Pizzelle making in the Family.  I will save you a couple of clicks to the What's New page:


Added YouTube Videos of the Pizzelleman Making **And** for 2015, Shipping Pizzelle:

Packing Pizzelle for Shipping

Preheating an Antique Italian Iron

Making Pizzelle on an Antique Iron


I did get a very nice letter from a very good person last holiday season about packing and shipping Pizzelle.  Since I ship a few dozen batches each year, I will add a page on how I do it successfully based on feedback from the "Cookie Listers." 


"The Bells" must have really been annoying because here is the first and only hate mail Pizzelleman has ever received:

"If your pizzelle recipe is so good, you should share it. Very selfish. I don’t need it. My husbands Nona’s is the best, in my opinion. Go to the grave with your recipe. It is not needed. You can’t call yourself “Pizzelle Man” and not be fully generous. Pathetic."......  I knew this day was coming and it was in 2013. Can't we just get along?  Anyway - to those with love and joy in your hearts, thanks for stopping by and please keep up the tradition with your Family and Friends and don't be Hate'n over cookies, it's not worth it - Cheers - Pizzelleman


I was also part of an Article on Pizzelle in the 2012 Fall issue of Italian American Magazine

Another Holiday Season of Pizzelle Making is just around the Corner.....  

Get Ready to Dust off your Irons and Get Baking!

Coming Soon Before the 2017 Cookie Season:  Cleaning and Seasoning My/The Family's Iron!!!






Last updated 10/20/2017

Last year's Pizzelle effort will be exceeded, hopefully........

Greetings & Welcome To Pizzelle.Net!!!!!

This Website has been established as my tribute to the Italian Waffle Cookie known as "Pizzelle," and hopefully shall serve as a guide and online resource for all things related to Pizzelle; including how to make them, where to buy them, where to buy equipment, news, blogs, and so on.

With such a long and colorful history, I personally feel it would be a shame to let this wonderful time honored family tradition shared by so many get lost from our increasingly fast paced lives as each generation passes by.  Hopefully this site will preserve and foster the art of Pizzelle making.

Please feel free to visit often, look, interact, and use it as a resource for all things Pizzelle.

Thanks for stopping by!

The Holidays are Near, so make sure you are ready to make Pizzelle for your Family and Friends.


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